[WIP #3] - A United Front: Abracadabra + Wonderland Merge

this proposal is idiotic

Is there concern that the SPELL token could get delisted from exchanges like Coinbase after a merger with Wonderland? Specifically thinking that they may need to reevaluate it for being classified as a security by the SEC.

yes, i love this idea

time → memo

wmemo → spell

spell → sushi

Important to read this: Is an audit required? Absolutely. Full transparency is needed here

Daniele never asks to DM



“My statement on Recent Developmens at Wonderland”

Please comment on FULL FINANCIAL AND CODE AUDIT - To find out where the funds go and whether tokens could be sent / minted inappropriately and sent out to unknown wallet addresses.

GIVEN WHAT HAS HAPPENED - WE NOT MERGING!! - TOo many shady stuff going on.

Is the Merger Proposal a way to get rid of the EVIDENCE? ie, Tear down WONDERLAND for SPELL ???

Given we know that when Minting - tokens gets distributed to the Treasury and the Minter - How do we know that the Protocol didn’t MINT tokens to themselves somehow? Do we trust the Protocol CODE??


I believe that this proposal is too hurried and should be thought a little bit.
It will be the second major and quick change in less than a month and i don’t believe it will bring real improvements. The risk is to make even worse than now.
Maybe it should be better to rethink the protocol and, of course we need more transparency on the team (as from recent voices about 0XSifu)

So i’m against the proposal. And in favour of a more complete discussion on the protocol.

you got it, this is exactly wher they’re doing

Opposed. SPELL is not going to make any of us money. Especially if we have to stake it on the Ethereum network.

I understand they are corelated quite clearly. The point being that their was a marketing push to focus on wMemo because it better reflected the value of the project as a whole than time/memo stalking. wMemo is literally staked Memo in an index. When the focus was Time/Memo there was the illusion that the apy meant something! The more they pushed wMemo the more the illusion of compounding apy faded away.
There are still people who aren’t checking the discord everyday that believe the compounding apy will get them back to even! Time was a good way to draw people in, wMemo has been a total failure.

I don’t think it’s “deal of desperation” - If you consider how long it takes to broker/negotiate something like this, I would think this has been in the pipe-line for months.

im against it. i didnt leverage and just held wmemo. i have just about lost all my investment in wonderland. i want to see some kind of return before we bait and switch. trust and confidence needs to be restored before any major moves like this are made.

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PPl are being silenced on discord so you cant speak on things occuring. They recently took away the treasury from discord and when i asked if treasury was gone from discord they said im spreading fud and gave me a 6 day time out

I think it is a good idea. So fed up with people reading only a part of the proposal and then comment things that´s obvious to You if You would have read the whole proposal.
We need an intelligent an serious discussion here about this , not people who doesn´t have the patience to read and fully understand shouting out stupid comments already answered in the proposal. Please go to the Discord for this.

If presented the opportunity to vote it is a firm NO.

Why don´t You start by reading at the top of the proposal You would see who has written it and didn´t have to comment an idea constructed out of thin air. Why don´t You read the whole proposal? Then You can form an opinion of Your own instead of guessing and listen to what other think.
That´s the only way You can really learn and connect all the dots that´s needed to see the bigger picture. Have a nice day man!

Yes pretty please, very bullish

I am not supporting the merger. I propose that wonderland immediately move to a revenue share model. Buybacks are useless. Let the price of wmemo settle where it may and stop bailing out people who leveraged. The treasury is healthy enough to support revenue sharing. That way we the investors can decide if we want to reinvest or invest elsewhere.

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:frowning: Thanks for the clarification.