[RFC] - Appointment of Operations Officer

[RFC] - Appointment of Operations Officer


Appoint an Operations Officer (OO) as defined in WIP #28.


Appoint an OO to ensures that all operations are documented in detail, conducted efficiently, and with the utmost transparency. To provide support to all departments, ensure that they are working together effectively and assures the authenticity and relevance of all information before reaching out to the community and overseeing the protocol’s councils.

Link to previous discussion:

Call Letter - Operations Officer

High Level Overview:

  • Appoint Bottlecapman
  • Appoint Kingmaker/MattMacGyver
  • Appoint xxxMetalxxx
  • Appoint Bamchicka
  • None of the above

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Join us for an AMA with the candidates:

When: 2022-11-23T18:00:00Z
Where: Discord AMA Stage Channel

Low Level Details:

Here are the applications from the different candidates:


@Kingmaker9999 / @MattMacGyver




Proposal has been moved to WIP: