Poll: Help Name Wonderland’s Liquid Staking Platform

Thanks to everyone for the help suggesting names!

Here are the current community favorites, as a poll:

  • Lago
  • Ninfea
  • Laghetto
  • Laguna

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We’ll let Dani and Sifu be the final arbiters here, but this poll will serve to show if the community has a clear favorite – let us know yours :green_heart:


If Ninfea does not win, this is clearly rigged /s


Alice, it is simple and more in keeping with Wonderland.

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Very good names, and as Italian I can see

Lago as more professional name
Ninfea as cute ones
Laguna is a bit harsh (I don’t like it)
Laghetto is in the middle between Lago and Ninfea.

Personally I choose Lago cause is more formal, straight and easy imo.

Have your choice frens!

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Seems like Lago is more popular choice xD

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