Is there anything that can be done about staking 20,000,000 at a time?

As demonstrated by the math i have shown this not a risk free strategy and more than likely will result in a loss. If it’s so profitable i will welcome u try it yourself.

Also, all the trading fees go to the wonderland treasury, benefiting the stakers.


I’m pretty sure if this were real, you would have no issue convincing Sifu n Dani to alter the code. Except Sifu has stated it’s simply not happening. And that, even if it were, it would be helping the treasury and not affecting the price. The blanket repudiation of your entire point from one of the founders should be enough to end this debate. I’m appalled this continues to circulate. Remember- YouTube and TikTok content creators are not your financial ally in TIME- they earn their cash from views. Clickbait titles, fake controversies and general FUD drives those views up. Like the media, for them, chaos means profit.


This is incorrect. Unstaking does not come out of the treasury


Exactly, understand the tokenomics, minting deposits the asset in return for TIME which is back by the deposit. That can be sold on market which is where most of us got our time to start. The rebases aka APY is proped up by fees and treasury earnings and you could say minting as well… unstaking does not remove anything from treasury.

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I think there should be a holding period where funds can be withdrawn but for a fee, And the fee goes straight to the treasury.