[DAO Discussion] - We are losing great ideas, lets change this!

Hello everyone,
I made this topic to ask the community for ideas and solutions to resolve this problem.

The Problem:

Great ideas are being lost because people aren’t debating things in our forum as much compared to discord, where due to the massive amount of text these important debates start over time going further and further up on chat. The second problem is that these debates are scattered around different chats, which makes it even harder to find, develop and improve the ideas from it, not only that but debating in discord is very unproductive too, due to the “noise” from other people writing at the same time, which completely diverts from the topic of the debate.

We really need to centralize our debates from discord to here by incentivizing the community. It will not only make debating important matters faster and easier, it will help us build better proposals for Wonderland.

Fell free to say what are your thoughts and how we can solve this problem.

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First I agree 100% I hate Discord and refuse to go there!

If you want people on here we should use DIscord to pull them here. Like create topic on this forum and just post a link with description on there. If they want to debate they would have to go here.

Same can be done on Twitter, Facebook and Telegram

Other way is(but not one I favor) is to reward people for posting here, like giving them a really small amount of crypto every time they post here(time, spell, whatever the token) If you go that route make sure to have clear rules on eligable posts like minimum ammount of characters and has to be on topic, etc…

Well that is my 2 satoshi’s anyway :blush:


People who have debates on discord bring them to the forum if they think its worth it.

It is much more convenient to discuss ideas on discord.

Collaboration can be had through discord, to draft proposals also.


why do you refuse to go discord?

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Thanks for commenting!
In my case, I don’t hate discord. I just hate the way it’s currently being used.

I think the same. Discord should only be used for casual chatting, support for newbies, announcements, et cetera. If people want to have serious talk about the DAO they should use our forum, using discord to debate is a complete mess, people there talk all day but can’t make progress because after some time everything they talk goes up and the debate have to start again…

I think it would be better if there was a ranking system or something similar instead of using money, these systems are very common on forums outside of crypto, they are highly effective in making the community active.

That’s ultimately the goal in terms of governance discussion.

Most of the traffic on the forum comes from the Discord announcements. Twitter also helps, but mods don’t have access to the official Twitter.

This is a good idea, but it would require a forum admin. Which we currently don’t have :sob:


Thanks for commenting!
I don’t agree with you in some parts, but you are 100% right about discord being very convenient, but it has some drawbacks.

It’s very hard to have a debate in Discord because it’s a chat platform, after some time people will start talking about other things and everything they debated will go to oblivion. Which creates a kind of cycle where the same topic can be brought to surface by different persons many times, but can’t complement each other.

When you say:

In my opinion, every debate is worth of going to the forum. “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”
It’s in these little (and for some “futile”) debates where we can find a great idea, where it only needs a little polishing to become something shining.

There is something planned to resolve this matter?

Yes. Unfortunately, it seems to be harder than expected.

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I disagree with this. If every single debate we saw on Discord were to be posted here on the forum, it would take a lifetime to go through them all. Activity on the forum is pretty minimal as it is, votes passing with 6 or 7 votes for example (I talk about minor votes here, of course).

Rather the debates happen on Discord and then the gems make it over to hear to be dived into, then moved to RFC, WIP etc etc.

Happily, big game-changing things are working well here on the forum, and the DAO continues to progress, picking up speed as we go.

By all means, you could move any debates you find interesting on Discord over to here by yourself, and then post a link in the Discord for people to jump in.

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Thanks for commenting!
I understand your concern, but I think it’s possible to circumvent some of the things you pointed out.

Regarding what you said here, indeed, using the current forum structure, it would take a long time to read all the topics, but this can be fixed if we change the way our forum is organized.

The only way to determine the value of a debate is if no one interacts with it. Here, after 7 days it will automatically close, meaning that topic is not worth debating. But even if they close, we can use the material later for reference.

Debating here can be more productive too because it can prevent the cycle I mentioned above.

Remember that in Discord, you need to be online at the time it’s happening. If not, you won’t be able to participate. Many members can’t stay on general all day.

I hope you can understand what I meant. Tell me what you think about it.

Well, where to start: I hate the way it is designed, bulky not very convenient.
When you do go through the trouble of getting on it(Which is a pain in the ass in its own right) is chaotic, any meaningful discussion is snowed under by crap.

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I agree with you, discord aint that good discussions should be here more

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Thanks for commenting!
If you can, please share this topic in our community to gather more attention. :grin:

:loudspeaker: DISCUSSION UPDATE !!!

After receiving community feedback about this matter, I came with some ideas on how to tackle this problem.
When @NalX finds someone to be the forum admin, I will create another discussion with these ideas.
Thanks to everyone who participated. :+1:

@NalX pls close this topic

Who has control of the official Twitter?

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