About the DAO Discussion category

Welcome to the [DAO Discussion] category!

Every proposal starts as a discussion in the DAO Discussion category. The purpose of this category is to determine if the community and DAO members have sufficient will to make changes to the current protocol in regards to a topic or idea.

These posts should be labeled as follows:

“[DAO Discussion] - Your Title Here”

Creating DAO discussions allows our community to focus on interesting ideas, collect information and gain support for future proposals.

It is the first step of this structured framework to submit governance upgrades and proposals.

With a [DAO Discussion], we want to determine interest and community support towards an idea. If the [DAO Discussion] does not suggest interest from the community, the topic will be closed. If the [DAO Discussion] does suggest community support, the second step of the Wonderland Governance Process takes place. - Posting a [RFC] Request for Comment